Ouch, it’s quite a beating that Yahoo! Advertisning has taken in UK – 40% down from 2007 to 2008 even though the Search marked went up 11%.

So the UK Search Ad Marked now looks like:
Google 88,2%
Yahoo! 8,4%
Microsoft 3,4%
(Efficient Frontier)

Is it really only US and Japan that can show the advertisers a good reason to spend time on Yahoo! ?

So Google did a couple of years ago “dismantle” the Google Bomb (the techique used) that got famous by hitting former president George W. Bush by making his White House biography number one ranking in Google on the search for “miserable failure”, but it seems like Yahoo! didn’t “dismantle” the Google Bomb on their search engine part…. and now president Barack Obama is number one of “miserable failure” at Yahoo!
That’s a tough job not even finishing your first week at the White House and Yahoo! already “nominates” you as “miserable failure”….
I guess Yahoo! just got one more incentive to make their algorithm better..  😉
Having only around 20% of the searches in US (opposed to Google’s 63%) does create some expectations, Yahoo!

Barack Obama as “miserable failure” on Yahoo!

Great IUM Bob Tournament 2008!

November 2nd, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klint in Business | Copenhagen - (0 Comments)

First of all a BIG thanx to the IUM staff for this great IUM Bob Tournament 2008 and of course for inviting me – I had great fun and you always manage to invite the best (party) people from the bizz..

Again I wasnt partaking in the Bob Tournament… I was late, not fully over the loose together with MP 2 years ago and I didnt have a Bob-partner … I guess I need to be playing next year, but on the other hand its always cool just enjoying the beer and super drinks served by the IUM bar staff – Jesper, you make a mean GT, nearly up to the standard of the famous Busch-drinks…  ouch…

In the bar I did of course find the 2 Danish Googlers Sune Nielsen og Nikolaj Thonbo

Good seeing you again.

IUM had ‘dressed’ up their office in Bob Style – and this year the theme was Bob and German Beer festival (sort of explains all the German flags..)

If you look a little closer you can see Nikolaj Thunbo ordering for us in the bar…  good job!
The winners of IUM Bob Tournament 2008

Sune and I with one of the IUM Bob Tournament 2008 winners

Google-phone G1 launched today

September 23rd, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klint in Tech - (0 Comments)

Nice…  a G1 Google-phone made to sync with all the nice Google Apps…  and sold in US from end of October – could I maybe get one with me home from my US trip in November?  Interesting!

Check out the Youtube G1 presentation!

A new Internet browser and then from Google…  oh yes, of course I need to try the new Internet browser Google Chrome – even though I really like to use Firefox – anyway just testing Chrome for now…
And I do like the launch of the browser by making a Google Chrome comic and sending it out…  thats COOL!
(read it online or download the pdf)

Today was a great day for 2 of my companies in Lithuania – both had long articles in the local business newspaper Verslo žinios.
Skaiste and Addvisors Vilnius (not affiliated with the former Danish Addvisors, Addvisors GmbH or Addvisors Inc. anymore) occupied the front of the paper with a article about Google and the local Search Engine/catalog Delfi and Thomas and 1.Q consult had 2 pages about LEAN and their newly finish LEAN project for metal company Arginta.
Great work Skaiste and Thomas – so well deserved!

Also Google celebrate the 50 years birthday of LEGO – Google does it by another Google Logo change, this time Google LEGO..
LEGO Google

What is ‘søgeoptimering’?

September 23rd, 2007 | Posted by Niels Klint in WEB - (0 Comments)

I know this gets pretty nerdy and then mixed with some Danish words like søgeoptimering , but being in a company like Addvisors helping clients getting traffic/customers from Search Engines I do see a lot of funny words in the business… I mean even the sort of term for part of the business ‘Search Engine Optimization’/ søgemaskineoptimering is not really good – we dont really optimize any Search Engine… we expect Google, MSN and Yahoo to do that kind of optimization…
And what about søgeoptimering – search optimization… I guess its about helping the ‘poor’ user of a search engine optimizing his search so he’ll find what he need… or?
Any other good ones?