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Saturday its time to head for the yearly ´PubCon Search Marketing Conferences in Las Vegas – I’m looking forward to 4 days full SEO, PPC, Tracking, Viral and and and inspiration!

First of all a BIG thanx to the IUM staff for this great IUM Bob Tournament 2008 and of course for inviting me – I had great fun and you always manage to invite the best (party) people from the bizz..

Again I wasnt partaking in the Bob Tournament… I was late, not fully over the loose together with MP 2 years ago and I didnt have a Bob-partner … I guess I need to be playing next year, but on the other hand its always cool just enjoying the beer and super drinks served by the IUM bar staff – Jesper, you make a mean GT, nearly up to the standard of the famous Busch-drinks…  ouch…

In the bar I did of course find the 2 Danish Googlers Sune Nielsen og Nikolaj Thonbo

Good seeing you again.

IUM had ‘dressed’ up their office in Bob Style – and this year the theme was Bob and German Beer festival (sort of explains all the German flags..)

If you look a little closer you can see Nikolaj Thunbo ordering for us in the bar…  good job!
The winners of IUM Bob Tournament 2008

Sune and I with one of the IUM Bob Tournament 2008 winners

This guy is firing me now

October 2nd, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Business - (0 Comments)

Yeah, its old news – I’m not getting fired now…  doesnt really have a job that anybody can fire me from….
What I’m talking about is an OLD mblog clip I made back in August 2003. My good friend Guan had set me up with a mblog (so I could publish pictures direcly from my mobile phone) – I know publishing from a mobile phone is nothing big today, but I’m pretty sure I was among the first Danes when Guan made my mblog

Anyway so this old picture I just found on my mblog is in fact a Orange Director telling about the closing of OrangeWorld Services in Denmark and I was mblogging it…  which certainly surprised my colleagues when they returned to their desks…. – and yes, he fired me… with a nice bonus…  Thanx mr. Kohler
Such a nice thing to think back at…

Cut from my mblog

OMD2008 in Düsseldorf

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OMD2008 was really a cool exhibition – so many companies and such a great vibe! But the day started with a HUGE line….  seems like they just cant figure out how to bring in several thousands of people in a short time..

But in there everything was really good…  meet a lot of people I knew…
And got a beer or two with the boys

Really good seeing you guys – interesting hearing how Traceworks are expanding!!!

OMD is known for making one of the biggest Online Marketing exhibition in Europe and all the people are professionels, which means no consumers hunting branded stuff like bags, cups and t-shirts…  but check out these kids hunting branded stuff…  seems like they had a good catch…  😉

This morning I was up way to early . needed to be in the Vilnius airport for a 05.30 morning plane to Dusseldorf, Germany, with a stop in Riga…  puuuuh…  but fortunately I was able to sleep in the plane..  😉
Arriving in Duseeldorf I just dropped my suitcase at the hotel and then it was off to the OMD (Online Marketing Dusseldorf) exhibition – a huge online marketing exhibition in Dusseldorf which I have been at 2 times before – first time to check the exhibition and the year after as advertisor with Addvisors Hamburg.
Not long ago after I entered OMD I found the TraceWorks boys…..  more to come!

But I can tell that OMD is really intersting, also this year…

Yesterday did Skaiste and Addvisors Vilnius again make it to the Lithuanian medias and this time with the ‘news’ of Addvisors Vilnius meeting the  requirements to attain recognition as a Google AdWords Qualified Company. Nice work guys (and girls)!

Benjamin came around the Outsphere office to say goodbye and have a nice summer – he’s heading for his 5 weeks Thailand vacation… (bastard)

Benjamin at the Outsphere office

And Dan was also around
Dan at the Outsphere office

Today was a great day for 2 of my companies in Lithuania – both had long articles in the local business newspaper Verslo žinios.
Skaiste and Addvisors Vilnius (not affiliated with the former Danish Addvisors, Addvisors GmbH or Addvisors Inc. anymore) occupied the front of the paper with a article about Google and the local Search Engine/catalog Delfi and Thomas and 1.Q consult had 2 pages about LEAN and their newly finish LEAN project for metal company Arginta.
Great work Skaiste and Thomas – so well deserved!

Social Square turned 3 years old, they got a CEO and got a bunch of new people, so everything was perfect for Thomas Mygdal-Madsen and the Social Square crew to host a small celebration/summer party – such a good idea!
I got a couple of beers and the posibility to talk with a lot of the ‘old’ guys from ‘the bizz’ – Mr. Chainbox, Mr. Bigger Picture (been quite a while..), Magnus, Mygdal-Madsen, a rather new SEO-guy on the DK market and a Pleo and…

A small welcome
Thomas Mygdal-Madsen and Social Square

Thanx Thomas, it was a pleasure!

Friday was a great day for a meeting with my 2 partners in the Baltic consultancy company 1.Q consult Thomas Rønlev and Bo Westberg Rasmussen and the balcony at the Esromgade office combined with the nice sun in Denmark made it even better…
Without saying to much it seems like 1.Q consult have had the best 2 quarters ever – and my deep respect is going to Thomas and the 1.Q consult-team in Vilnius + Bo.

1.Q consult partners Thomas Rønlev and Bo Westberg Rasmussen
From left Bo Westberg Rasmussen og Thomas Rønlev.