Blogging by a happy boy, Niels Klintø

Wednesday was a big day with the launch of 23 Video – a sophisticated, but simple platform enabling people/companies to launch their own web-tv site in 2 mins.
The launch event managed to fill up Radiohuset, studio 2, (the old Danish radiohouse) with more than 200 people eager to hear about this new product from “23” called 23 Video – and making the launch in the radiohouse, where the first Danish Tv-programs were send 60 years ago made the statement even clearer.
Now everybody can launch their own TV-station online – and with 23 Video its really just a matter of minutes.
Sorry that I’m getting a bit overexited about it, but having worked together with “23” on this product for the last 8 months makes me very excited about it…

The launch event went really well. More than 200 people – yes, it was overbooked and some of people who came a little late like Morten Lund even had to sit on the stairs….
Thomas Madsen-Mygdal started “the show” describing the product and the “market” where a online tv-station project usually takes a lot of time and lots of money – something which will be changed with the entrance of 23 Video.
Ulrik from Mediacom then when to present the status for online video and his view about the future – YouTube is exploding in usage and online video has just started.

“Unfortunately” I was part of the team behind the event and product, so I didnt really find time to see much more of the presentation like Aarstidernes or the new video-site made to VisitDenmark
I mean somebody needs to pour up the champaign for all the people..

Thanx to Thomas and the team for letting me be a (small) part of this!

Use 23 Video to build you own online Tv-station – 14 days free trial!

Been a busy boy from the morning and decided to spend some time on taking the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test – and I passed it among the first Danes…

I haven’t found a place where Google says it as nice as TraceWorks’ Morten Wulff does it with “Data is the new creative”, but Google opened up on March 3rd for the Google Analytics Online Course and Test because they find that “In today’s economic climate, data-driven marketing and website decision making is increasingly important.”

Google describe the The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (or Google Analytics IQ) as “a proof of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to any individual who has passed the Google Analytics IQ test”.

The GA IQ Test wasn’t that difficult, but there were some rather tricky questions included, too…
What I really like most about the this Qualification is that Google decided to make a great step-by-step online course, which they see as a way to prepare for the test. I like the course because it keeps you updated (at least for now) and you might find a couple of areas that you dont really use that much – for sure it wasn’t all areas that I has been using that much…
But try doing the GA Online course without any experience with Google Analytics from some sites and I don’t think you’ll pass… But do tell me if you succed!

I once passed an Ericsson course in GSM when I was at Telia, but when you’re not a programmer, a ingenieur or a software company you just don’t get all these nice certificates to hide the wall with, so please excuse me but I need to flash the Google Analytics IQ Certificate…  uhhhh…  😉

Update December 4th 2009
Now with the official Google Analytics IQ Proof of Qualification – check my GA IQ here

Ouch, it’s quite a beating that Yahoo! Advertisning has taken in UK – 40% down from 2007 to 2008 even though the Search marked went up 11%.

So the UK Search Ad Marked now looks like:
Google 88,2%
Yahoo! 8,4%
Microsoft 3,4%
(Efficient Frontier)

Is it really only US and Japan that can show the advertisers a good reason to spend time on Yahoo! ?

This is really amazing!
Some Polish company called EPPEARANCE sp. z o.o. ( decided to make a website in Danish ( to attract Danish SEO, Pay Per Click and tracking clients. And EPPEARANCE sp. z o.o. decided to do it by stealing an old Addvisors (Copenhagen) text about Pay Per Click – EPPEARANCE sp. z o.o. didnt even bother to remove the name Addvisors in exchange for their own…

So even after the sale of Addvisors Copenhagen’s activities to it still get copied…  😉

Check the second last line in the text…. EPPEARANCE sp. z o.o. is telling about Addvisors Philosophy..  come on guys, if you have to steal text you could also do a “search and replace” in the text…  😉

And btw your links in the bottom is not active, your HOME button is out of order and you’re SEO…  hmm….

Just finished off the 2 days strategy seminar with 1.Q consult.

Been 2 very interesting and busy days with lots of good energy!
Our business partner in 1.Q consult Bo Westberg did a great job of leading us through all the step in the strategy process – if somebody knows how to plan and implement strategy then its Bo!

2008 was a year with a pretty high growth in 1.Q consults turnover and quite a large chunk came from services to Lithuanian clients – services like export planning, LEAN and strategy planning and implementation.
With the financial crises also hitting Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia its a pretty good guess that exactly services like export planning and implementation, LEAN and strategy planning and implementation will be even bigger for 1.Q consult in 2009 and 2010 – everybody (also us) needs to streamline the organisations and get more sales…

And now its time for some well deserved food here Vilnius – Thomas booked a table at a Belgium restaurant..  gonna be interesting!

Being back in Vilnius again for several reasons.
Strategy and Board Meeting in 1.Q consult on Friday and Saturday – more about it later, but 1.Q consult and Thomas does really have succes with their LEAN seminars and implementations here i Lithuania.

And now Addvisors Vilnius is also starting doing Google Apps implementations and support, which I’m very excited about. First of all I really like Google Apps, its just such a great package and the email/calender/contacts doesnt get more reliable! First client implementation is happening from today….
Addvisors Vilnius and Addvisors Riga is of course already a “long time” user of Google Apps and are now also Google Apps Business Solution Provider.

I’m sorry, but the blog by Dorte Toft is only in Danish and I wish you all could read it. Dorte has been doing an incredible piece of work in bringing the IT Factory scam out in the light – Dorte Toft was THE person uncovering that something was very wrong in IT Factory and how Stein Bagger used fake university degrees ect..  and she did it when nobody believed her and IT Factory lawyers on her ‘tail’…  now I guess these lawyers has their tails in between their legs..

Dorte, I’m impressed!

Its not that I use too much time looking at house prices in Denmark, the Baltics or anywhere, but this list I did find on the Danish finance website Netposten did bring in a couple of surprises for me..

Only a decrease of 9,3% in Denmark – I heard it should be quite a lot bigger…  could it be business or special areas bringing it a big up…  I think I heard  about 20% down in Cph…

Lithuania up 7,5% – really?
Gotta ask my good friend Thomas from 1.Q consult in Vilnius, Lithuania…

26,9% up in Russia and 26,8% up in Bulgaria… wow, that incredible! Happy I’m not local and need a hourse..

And check out Estonia down 16% and Latvia (with the huge inflasion) down 24,1% (the biggest decrease)…  maybe Addvisors Vilnius should buy our own office in Riga…  😉

Changes in house prices fron 3rd quarter 2007 to 3rd quarter 2008.
1. Dubai 76.1%
2. Slovakiet 31.2%
3. Rusland 26.9%
4. Bulgarien 26.8%
5. Tjekkiet 25.1%
6. Ukraine 24.8%
7. Jersey 23.8%
8. Hong Kong 18.0%
9. Philippinerne 13.4%
10. Colombia 10.5%
11. Cypern 9.0%
12. Litauen 7.5%
13 Slovenien 6.0%
14. Kina 5.8%
15. Indonesien 5.5%
16. Ungarn 5.2%
17. Singapore 5.0%
18. Sydkorea 4.9%
19. Schweiz 4.5%
20. Italien 4.2%
21. Grækenland 3.0%
22 Israel 3.0%
23. Australien 2.8%
24. Frankrig 2.8%
25. Kroatien 1.9%
26. Sydafrika 1.5%
27. Holland 1.4%
28. island 1.0%
29. Finland 0.8%
30. Canada 0.2%
31. sverige -0.1%
32. Luxembourg -0.2%
33. Norge -2.4%
34. Spanien -2.7%
35. Malta -3.2%
36. Tyskland -3.5%
37. Portugal -4.8%
38. New Zealand -5.1%
39. Østrig -5.5%
40. Irland -7.8%
41. Danmark -9.3%
42. UK -10.2%
43. Estland -16.0%
44. USA -16.3%
45. Letland -24.1%

Sorry I was to lazy to translate the countries….  😉

Always nice being out travelling and Las Vegas and the conference PubCon on SEM was just great, but is also nice being back again – even though Denmark is cold (they even predict snow tomorrow) and I’m still a bit jetlagged..
Over the next weeks there will be more here about PubCon, SEO, SEM, SearchBash by WebmasterRadio.FM and much more from Vegas! (but now I need to sleep…)

Really good being back at PubCon again (I wasn’t at PubCon last year) and seeing it still being full of great sessions on SEO, PPC, tracking/analytics, social media and link building and and and…  its really difficult for me to point out one session being much better than another, but I must say that the link buying session where Google’s Matt Cutts were listning was a hit – YES, you can still buy links and get some link juice from it….  its just about how you do it…  😉

I will not be going into any details about some of the ‘findings’ and news in this post, but it will certainly come in some of my future posts – either here or on a blog on my future company site…  ouch, did I really tell that I will start a new company doing SEO, PPC and tracking?  😉  yes, something will happen from December 1st 2008 when I again can do that kind of business in Denmark without violation the contract with…  but it will not be another Addvisors DK and mobile will also be included…
And I’m really looking forward to start working on some of the interesting SEO projects that has been offered me, but I have turned down for present time…  I feel like a kid waiting for December.,.  😉
More to come..