At the PubCon conference (Novmber 10. – 13.) in Las Vegas Google’s “Spam czar” Matt Cutts told the audience that Google will NOT launch their new version of their Search Engine backend “Caffeine” before Christmas and thereby potentially make large changes in their index that might ruin the Christmas earning for lots of webshops.
I’m sure many people can remember the Google Search Engine update called “Florida” (back in November 2003) that litteraly ruin the Christmas earning for lots and lots of webshop – and some say forcing these webshop over to Google’s advertising program AdWords – was it deliberately?
Anyway Matt Cutts first of all told the audience that the “Caffeine” (not update) version won’t really be so much different in the algorithm, but the speed..
And Google has decided not to roll it out over their datacenters before Christmas, so from this point it will be a good Chrismas with a lot of action in the webshops. But Matt Cutts did tell that Google probably will make one of their datacenters run the new “Caffeine” version, so there might be a bit to see…

Sagen om Orango.nu’s “kapring” af domænet orango.dk, fra en privat dansker, er en bizar sag, og må være en fejldom/fortolking fra Klagenævnet for Domænenavne side.
Peter Veileborg brugte navnet “Orango”, når han spiller onlinespil, og han købte derfor domænet for 9 år siden – dette domæne er nu blevet taget fra ham af det unge firma Orango ApS (tidligere Orango.nu, nu tilsyneladende Orango.dk) ved hjælp af en dom hos Klagenævnet for Domænenavne.
Hele sagen er beskrevet på ComOn, så jeg vil ikke gå i dybden med den….
Hvad jeg dog gerne vil beskrive er urimeligheden i at et ungt firma – ikke engang 1 år gammelt – kan vinde retten til et 9 år gammelt domæne, der godt nok ikke har været anvendt til meget mere end adgang til Peter Veileborgs private mail samt nogle søgeservices, men dog stadig anvendt og ikke på nogen måde købt med videresalg til hensigt – se Wayback Machine.

Og se lige følgende klip fra interview med Kasper Larsen, der er partner i Orango:
I har startet jeres virksomhed i år. Hvorfor vælger i ikke et andet navn, hvor domænet er ledigt?
»Hvis man skulle begrænse sig af, hvilke domæner der er ledige, så kan man få nogle mærkelige firmanavne,« siger Kasper Petersen, der er blandt de seks partnere i Orango.

Så man vælger altså bare eet…  hvor man har chance/mulighed for at hapse domænet fra en privatperson?!

Jeg kan kun opfordre til at støtte Peter Veileborg i kampen for at få domænet orango.dk tilbage!!!
Støtter kører også ovre på Peter “GratisDNS” Larsens blog – Czar

Behøver jeg at nævne, at jeg finder Orango.nu’s forretningsmoral alternativ?  😉

Back from PubCon Conference Las Vegas and it was again a blast – lots of great sessions on SEO, PPC, Web Analytics and Social Media and then of course the networking – talking with all the great colleagues in the business. Also this time I arrived in Denmark with lots of new friends – I really love this business.
Brett and his team did again an incredible job!

Later I will make some blog posts about some of the subjects and findings from PubCon.
For now I’ll try to manage the jetlag – I guess coming from 22 days in Cambodia/Thailand, staying 2 days i DK, heading for 7 days in Vegas and the back to DK was manageable on paper (and great fun!), but my feeling of time is really fxxx…

PubCon Las Vegas again

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PubCon is for sure the best Search and online marketing conference and Im happy that I again this year will make it to the Las Vegas version,
PubCon used to be clise to pure Search, but this year they added a full Social Marketing track and some other “non Search” things – so this year its not only gonna be about getting a “Search boost” but also about bringing home new styff from other areas…. Nice!
I’ll try to make a couple of blog articles about some of the interesting SEO stuff after PubCon and Im sure both Addvisors Vilnius and Addconsulta will turn some of the new stuff into cool services for their clients.
Off for PubCon Vegas, see you!

Back in Vilnius preparing for the wedding + of course spending some time at the Addvisors Vilnius office.
Wow, time is running when you’re enjoying life and what you’re doing – now there’s only 4 days to the wedding…. Luckily we’re sort of ready – always some small changes and coordinations needed…

Saturday is so close and I’m really looking forward to it!

This is really a super joke Google is making here – check out this clip from The Onion where Google is telling about their new Google product “Google Opt Out” – a product sending you to a remote village – damn, these Googlelers are just such nice people.

And I love the big G you get in your forehead when you return from Google Opt Out village..  😉

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

No more OMD in Germany

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It has been annonced for quite some time, but I still find it very sad that the huge German Online Marketing Expo OMD has been discontinued..  OMD 2008 was the last of those and I have been very happy being there from when it was rather small to the huge Online Marketing Expo it was last year..

Anyway it seems like the German Online scene has decided that the big German Online Marketing Expo will be DMEXCO in Cologne – can’t make it this year, but I will certainly come around next year!
And I’m looking forward to hear the reviews from friends afterwards!

First of all I really like the idea of Google Wave when I heard about it the other day…  but hearing about the 1 hour and 20 mins. long presentation I got a bit scared..
Luckily some nice people made a 10 mins “executive summary” video clips, which I find enough for a product not lauched…
Sorry Google and the 2 Rasmussen brothers (must have some Danish connection..) I cheated by doing the 10 mins…

It seems like the 23 Video launch made quite some noize…  and now 23 Video competitor  DigiEyeZ is also giving 23 Video platform a spin..

And if you take a look at the test-site (and understand Danish) you can also read their “test results”/comments…

Happy to see that they like it, too…

Do you want to test the 23 Video platform like DigiEyeZ?

23 has now the full presentation from the 23 Video launch online – sorry, only in Danish.

I’m in fact looking forward to see the 23 Video presentation in full – did miss quite a lot because I was busy pouring up Champaign.