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CoffeeCup Software is overselling their Sitemap

February 15th, 2010 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Search marketing

Got an email from CoffeeCup Software the other day telling me that buying their sitemap module will help my search rankings…  hmm…

Ok, they dont go into details, but a catchy top of the email looking like this:
CoffeeCup Software is overselling sitemaps

Dear CoffeeCup, nice Sitemaps or cool styled sitemaps might be a good idea because of several reasons, but I have NOT seen any proffs of a sitemap helping on search rankings.

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  • Niels,

    You’re right, but you’re only commenting on the HTML sitemap, the one the software makes for people. The style of your HTML sitemap won’t help you search rank, but that’s only half of what Sitemapper does.

    If you look at what we say on the Sitemapper page (, you’ll see that we detail what the software does in creating XML sitemaps – the ones search engines use to spider and index your website. A little research will show a bounty of resources explaining the benefit of using XML sitemaps for better search engine visibility/rank.

    People like using sites that are designed well and Sitemapper takes 99% of the effort out of creating a nice looking HTML sitemap. But more importantly, it creates a comprehensive XML sitemap for search engines, also with minimal effort.

    Please, try the software (use the free trial version) and make an XML sitemap for this site. Submit it to Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Ask and watch your results. Then once you have actual experience with the product I invite you to make another post with your findings.

    And of course we’ll be around to answer any questions you may have in the process.


    J Cornelius
    VP Operations
    CoffeeCup Software

  • Hi J!

    First of all I’m impressed by your and CoffeeCups surveillance and engangement in blogs and social media – I really like it.

    But I still don’t agree with you.
    Yes, I did notice that you (in the email) sort of mixed sitemaps made for users (HTML) and XML sitemaps made for Search Engines/crawlers, but still saying that a sitemap.xml will help on ranking is wrong.
    I’m sure you have misread the “bounty of resources explaining the benefit of using XML sitemaps for better search engine visibility/rank”, and if you reread them you’ll see that they don’t “promise” better rankings, but a way to get all your content indexed (if the crawlers not already are visiting your site a lot). And if the site has a good linking structure all the content would be indexed anyway, but I usually recommend using a sitemap.xml anyway – I know some SEO’s recommend not to use a sitemap.xml, but all agree on no ranking “bonus” from a sitemap.xml.


  • Niels,

    It’s simple really. Unless your site is well established and has a lot of backlinks the best way to increase it’s visibility to the search engines is a well formed sitemap.xml file. You agree that using one leads to having your site indexed. Better visibility leads to better rank. That rank may not be for the terms the user desires, but that’s another story.

    We say using a sitemap.xml file will get the search engines to properly index your site (i.e. increasing visibility), and being indexed leads to better rank.

    No need for further debate about the merits of a sitemap.xml file here. We have *a lot* of people that tell us using our software has helped, and seeing results from happy customers are all we need to keep going. 🙂


    – J.

  • Hi J!

    Ok, so if you decide to define “better rankings” as going from not having a specific page indexed to having that page index and ranked anywhere in the SERPS… yeah, then this page does get a better ranking than before….
    But I sure that not what people expects from “improve your search rankings”…

    Apart from that I do support you in the idea of having sitemap.xml as part of CoffeeCup and I’m sure you clients like that feature…


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