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Birthday party with Bobcup 2009 & whisky tasting

August 3rd, 2009 | Posted by Niels Klintø in Copenhagen

Thanx to all my wonderful friends for making my birthday party such a PARTY!
I know some people say you should tell it with flowers and a pictures says more than…  so.. doesnt this looks like a happy boy or?
Niels Klintø - happy birthday 40yo

More pictures from the party in my next posts..

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  • Aleksandra says:

    so, where the pictures??

  • Great. A belated Happy Birthday to you. So how exactly you enjoyed your birthday? if your friends are whisky lovers then you can try Kilbeggan. It’s an awfully simple blended Irish Whisky. It comes from the oldest licensed distillery in the world. It is not hard to drink, offering light sweetness and moderate wood character locked into a pale yellow spirit.There is a hint of pepper on the finish, which doubles back with sweet caramel kick.The various flavor do not really come together in a cohesive way. Its a great whiskey at $17 a bottle.

  • Hi Daniel!

    Thanx and thanx for the whisky tip!
    To he honest I dont really drink blended whisky, but prefer Single Malt…


  • Aleksandra says:

    okey, Alexandra is in total IGNORE…

  • Hi Aleksandra!

    Sorry sorry.. not of course you not in the “ignore” category…
    I will soon post some more pictures here!


    Ps: welcome back to CPH and thanx for letting us use the the car!

  • Jeff Lopez says:

    Is there any specific reason for your preference for Single malt? Recently I began trying out blended Scotch whisky of Johnnie Walker, which I enjoy. I would like to taste single malt scotch one of these days. Thanks.

  • Hi Jeff!
    Yeah, there is a very specific reason why I prefer Single Malt, and don’t really use blended whisky for more than Irish coffee or cola..
    The taste (and product) is just so much better – try Single Malt and you’ll see.
    A blended is as the name says a blend of several Single Malt + a LOT of grain whisky (cheap industrial made whisky) – guess why blended whisky taste so bad? 😉
    Whereas a Single malt is from one destillery working hard to develop and keep their “house” taste – just like a good wine from one wineyard (and not a blend of France or..)

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