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Barack Obama got hit by the famous Google Bomb on Yahoo!

January 23rd, 2009 | Posted by Niels Klintø in WEB

So Google did a couple of years ago “dismantle” the Google Bomb (the techique used) that got famous by hitting former president George W. Bush by making his White House biography number one ranking in Google on the search for “miserable failure”, but it seems like Yahoo! didn’t “dismantle” the Google Bomb on their search engine part…. and now president Barack Obama is number one of “miserable failure” at Yahoo!
That’s a tough job not even finishing your first week at the White House and Yahoo! already “nominates” you as “miserable failure”….
I guess Yahoo! just got one more incentive to make their algorithm better..  😉
Having only around 20% of the searches in US (opposed to Google’s 63%) does create some expectations, Yahoo!

Barack Obama as “miserable failure” on Yahoo!

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  • Barack Obama for me is the most charismatic president to be ever elected. He also makes great decisions, for example in the ecomomic stimulus package to counter the effects of recession.

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