Sales Manager for Addvisors Vilnius

September 30th, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klint in Addvisors - (0 Comments)

Skaiste and Addvisors Vilnius are expanding again, so if you live in Vilnius and feel that you have what it takes to be a Sales Manager for the leading search marketing company in Lithuania dont hesitate contacting Skaiste Knyzaite.

Google-phone G1 launched today

September 23rd, 2008 | Posted by Niels Klint in Tech - (0 Comments)

Nice…  a G1 Google-phone made to sync with all the nice Google Apps…  and sold in US from end of October – could I maybe get one with me home from my US trip in November?  Interesting!

Check out the Youtube G1 presentation!

Sitting in arm with Ronald McDonald

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Leaving OMD 2008 in Düsseldorf I saw this ‘lonely’ man – I mean you gotta be somewhat lonely to chose to sit arm in arm with Ronald McDonald…  😉

Juno Bell concert at Studenterhuset

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Yesterday I finally had the possibility to see my friend Henrik’s (Hank) band Juno Bell – Hank has been inviting me to a couple of concerts over the last months, but it just didnt fit my calender…  but NOW it was time when they played at Studenterhuset and what a great time – Juno Bell really rocked and me and my friends all agreed that the new song they played (didnt catch the title) will do really good!
Thanx guys!

Juno Bell

Hank drumming away

OMD2008 in Düsseldorf

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OMD2008 was really a cool exhibition – so many companies and such a great vibe! But the day started with a HUGE line….  seems like they just cant figure out how to bring in several thousands of people in a short time..

But in there everything was really good…  meet a lot of people I knew…
And got a beer or two with the Traceworks.dk boys

Really good seeing you guys – interesting hearing how Traceworks are expanding!!!

OMD is known for making one of the biggest Online Marketing exhibition in Europe and all the people are professionels, which means no consumers hunting branded stuff like bags, cups and t-shirts…  but check out these kids hunting branded stuff…  seems like they had a good catch…  😉

This morning I was up way to early . needed to be in the Vilnius airport for a 05.30 morning plane to Dusseldorf, Germany, with a stop in Riga…  puuuuh…  but fortunately I was able to sleep in the plane..  😉
Arriving in Duseeldorf I just dropped my suitcase at the hotel and then it was off to the OMD (Online Marketing Dusseldorf) exhibition – a huge online marketing exhibition in Dusseldorf which I have been at 2 times before – first time to check the exhibition and the year after as advertisor with Addvisors Hamburg.
Not long ago after I entered OMD I found the TraceWorks boys…..  more to come!

But I can tell that OMD is really intersting, also this year…

Skaiste and I decided Thursday to support Georgia by buying Georgian Spring Water ‘Borjomi’ instead of local spring water – and it did in fact taste really nice…  not that I’m any expert of spring water…  😉
Skaiste bought a special on with lots of salt in…  I kept to the normal no gass…

Wednesday I was with Skaiste in Riga Latvia – in fact it was my first time to Latvia ever – but I’m sure it wont be the last time.

Unfortunately we didnt have much time for sightseeing in Riga and we didnt even manage to see the new Addvisors Riga office – Addvisors Riga is a newly opened branch of Addvisors Vilnius and it seems like they are already running fast there and getting new clients in – well done! Our aim is of course to be the leading provider of Google Adwords and tracking by Google Analytics in Latvia, too… not a small goal, but I’m sure they can do it!

The trip was mostly a quick one to get Skaistes new company car registrated in Latvia which we ended up using quite some time on – even though we spend about 2 hours in official office I do in fact think things worked faster that in Denmark…  😉

Brand new plates on the car

Btw I do think she picked a very nice car – and it feels really nice driving in it….

Cigar-clubbing in Vilnius

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Tuesday evening I went cigar-clubbing in Vilnius with my friend Domas and Jurgio aka George.
Domas and George picked me up for some food at the nice place Rene – Belgium heavy food for men and a couple of their strong beers…  nice, but not something you could do everyday..  the food was delicious, but too fat for everyday…
Afterwards Jurgio suggested that we went to a new cigar club that was about to open, but we could get in anyway, so…  I dont smoke anything, not even a good cigar, but when I heard about a good selection of Calvados and a couple of Single Malts I was rather easy to persuade…
The cigar club was really really nice and the service was competent and servicemindend – situated in the old town of Vilnius it was of course in one of the old house…  so cool!
And George told me that we will also be able to use a room there for a small private poker session…  just between friends..  not bad at all…  need to test it sometimes in he future….

The cigars are being lit by our chef while George is enjoying the nice cellar room we’re in..

And Domas is showing how to enjoy a cigar the gangster style

Pleo at Klodsmajor

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I have been writing about the robot dinosaur Pleo before – a cute robot with the looks of a dinosaur that is so much better than the ‘old’ Sony robot AIBO – faster, cheaper (a LOT) and much cuter….
And now Susanne has decided to sell Pleo from our online shop Klodsmajor.dk – so cool, even thought it might end up with me ‘having’ to buy one…  hmmmm…
Btw I really like the idea that Susanne will have a Pleo walking around in the office as the office-pet-dinosaur, giving the customers coming around the posibility to see this cute toy and give him some attention… nice!

Pleo hanging out at at table