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Im very proud to annouce that Addconsulta Peru now has been appointed Google Analytics Certified Partner.
Great job guys and girls – I know you have been working hard!
Addconsulta Google Analytics Certified Partner Peru

May 7th and 8th was LOGIN time in Vilnius, which means time for the largest Tech Conference in the Baltics and I was invited to speak.
My presentation was “Semantic Markup – stealing screen real estate on Google” and basically it was about how to use some of the Semantic Markup types to get more traffic from Google SERPS.

Niels Klintoe speaking about Semantic Markup

Last Friday I did it again… was setting up a nice little Single Malt tasting for my fellow members of CMWTS and they told me I found something good.
I must admit I was also pretty pleased about the tasting even though there we’re NO Islay whiskies there…

Check the image of the good stuff

One of the perks of having a company in Colombia ( Intent Agency Colombia ) and of course spending some time there is (apart from the great collegues and friends there) being able to enjoy really really nice Colombian coffee – and to bring it home!

On my June/July trip I took a small collection with me home
Colombian Coffee

Yes, I really love coffee and I guess its best explained like this….
Low on coffee

No less than 5-10 cups a day…

Im definately a Marvel fan and not much of a DC fan, but but when it comes to Batman (The Dark Knigh) by Frank Miller then Im a fan.
Last week it was my time to see the new movie The Dark Knight Rises and it was amazing! Funny entertained all the 2 hours and 45 minutes – wow!

Flight and entry tickets are booked and paid – I will be going to the best Search conference this year!
Wait a minute… PubCon is growing as always – it used to be just Search, but now its Search, Social, Affiliate & Web Analytics.
Going with some of my colleagues from Addconsulta Peru – gonna be a blast!

Intent Agency in Bogota is looking for a Junior Ad Planner.

Check out the job ad for the new position at Intent Agency.

Gucci Helle vil have Champagne

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for lånte penge…  skal Ikano “sponsorerer”?
Den lader vi lige stå…

Gmail email phishing

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Beware of a new attempt of Gmail email phishing

I just got an email with this text:

The Rebranding of Affiliate Google Web Browser has been much talk about how affiliate software fits into the overall Google advertising and marketing industry. Google will be deleting some account so as to reduce the number of registered Account on the New Affiliated Google Web Browser. Please help us with the affiliation process by confirming your login details below so as to make a correspondence with the saved data on our system.

Full Name:

Birth Date:
Registered Year:

Warning: Your Account will be deleted and shut down permanently if you failed to provide the details above. Gmail will not be heard responsible for your negligence.

Thanks for your support.
Gmail Account Team.

It might not be the best English ever seen, but the last warning might scare some people into replying…
Dont answer!

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal and I have over the last 8-9 month been planning to launch an Online Marketing Agency group in South America and with the launch of Intent Agency in Bogota May 25th we’re moving.

Intent Agency was launched last wednesday when I was in Bogota to help the team start up.
At the launch event were around 50 people from different companies and sectors who enjoyed an interesting keynote from Alan “Tropical Gringo” Colmenares, our CEO in Bogota Fabio Rodriguez presenting the “what” Intent will offer the marked and my intro to why, where and background…

Intent Agency CEO Fabio Rodriguez

After the networking I had the feeling that the people really liked what the heard, but they would have liked us to go more in details with out services like SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Web Analytics..  and especially they would have loved to hear more about the Online Marketing Campaign Management & Optimization Platform “Headlight” that we’re going to introduce to the marked..  but no, we didnt wanna make this launch event one big sales talk..

Now sitting (delayed) in Frankfurt airport I can look back at 2 work weeks in Bogota with a lot of energy and lots of interesting client meetings – even delayed I can smile thinking back….
(or its because of the shower and beers at the Luxx lounge)

Where do we open the next Intent Agency?
After such a successful launch event and 2 weeks I still believe that we’ll be opening 1-2 more Intent Agencies in 2011 – where and exactly when is the big question..  Brazil, Ecuadore, Chile, Argentina or maybe Venezuela?
It all depends on where we can fint that right talents and posibilites.

Do you know anybody we should talk with?